‘Engage famo gangs, don’t alienate them’



. . . Kabi reiterates ABC stance on infamous groups



TEYATEYANENG – All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader, Nkaku Kabi stands firm on growing relations between his party and the infamous Terene famo gang despite widespread public condemnation of the union. The ABC leader argues that people should not be criticised and treated like lepers just because they have followed their passion for singing.

Kabi as on several occasions declared his and the ABC’s commitment to the alliance with the Terene faction of famo music gangs despite the group being implicated in rampant killings and other violent crimes in both Lesotho and South Africa. Speaking at a party rally at Ha Ramachini, Teyateyaneng last Sunday, Kabi addressed the myriad of allegations levelled against the famo gang pointing to its involvement in rising crimes in Lesotho and South Africa.

He asked ABC supporters to help him and the party’s committee with information that implicates the group – commonly referred to as “litaba tsa likobo” on local social media platforms. Kabi said children should grow up knowing exactly what they want to pursue, noting that some will choose soccer, others racing while some would love to join famo gangs following their talent and passion for singing.

According to Kabi, some of them have not gone far with their studies and instead of treating them like decent human beings, parents and the government isolate them and alienate them “as if they are lepers”. He, however, said as the ABC they have allowed the group into their midst and amicably approach them by sitting them down and talking with them like the human beings they are. For this reason, he made an announcement directed at one of the Terene gang leaders Sarele Sello, popularly known as Lehlanya.

Kabi said ABC is preparing to receive three more batches of famo groups into their ranks, adding that these people have shown interest in the party after he sat down with them to talk mutually. Kabi went on to say that as leaders they have to employ strategies to support members of the famo groups and create jobs for them as they have families to take care of, instead of pointing fingers at them and name calling them.

He went further to say it is because of this attitude that Basotho do not have steady lives in South Africa; they are taken up and down and treated like nothing because they take accordion music as nothing. “The issue of isolating people’s talents by despising and turning up their noses at them is popular in the country; you will hear even from conversations that ABC is associated with the famo gang,” he said.

“Indeed the ABC is related with the famo and more are yet to join; we will be very happy for the peace they will create and maintain,” the ABC leader said. Kabi’s speech was a response to Lehlanya’s speech while addressing the Berea people who were at the rally. Lehlanya said there is no peace between the Lesotho politicians who take politics as personal battles; they do not hold each other’s hands in the leadership for a better country.

Lehlanya said people who have a problem with his gang should confront him directly or arrest him, he said he does not fear to be crucified for allegations against his gang and swore that they are not part of any crimes that they are being linked to. He said he is not a criminal and he would never allow and order for crimes to be committed in both Lesotho and South Africa. “We are not part of those things that the Lesotho’s politicians want to relate us with and if there is proof that we are, I, Lehlanya surrender myself to be arrested,” he said boldly.

Lehlanya showed that he is ready for anything that is coming against their gang, he is even ready to lose his life should the need arise. Lehlanya told Public Eye in an interview that they do not condone the crimes that they are being linked with and they are not part of any of them. He explained that other politicians could go far as trash talking someone as a way of tarnishing the ABC’s image.

He said for the Terene gang to be going to ABC rallies has put pressure and instilled fear in the other political party leaders because they assume this party will win the general elections in October. Lehlanya said that he does not have anything against any political leader but because they think he is helping ABC to win, they have started unnecessary conflicts with him. He further he loves his country Lesotho and as the gang’s leader he takes appropriate measures against rogue gang members to ensure that they are not part of the crimes.

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