Letsie back in winners’ circle



MASERU – Nkuebe Letsie won the May Monthly Mug by four shots last Sunday at the Maseru Golf Club, his first victory after almost eight years since he last won his maiden mug title. He first shot a 76, the same net score as Retšelisitsoe Molapo, Masuhla Leteka, and Vivian Mo, which qualified the Maseru Club quartet for the play-offs.

Molapo, Mo, and Leteka all had five strokes during the play-offs, with Letsie reaching the turn with a one-stroke lead. Mo finished second after a strong second nine, with Molapo and Leteka finishing third and fourth, respectively, based on their second nine results.  “Monthly Mug is always a tough competition, and what made it even worse (last Sunday) was the poor weather conditions on the day,” Letsie said in an interview with Public Eye on Monday.

“Normally, cold weather requires one to wear more than one is supposed to as a player, thus inhibiting one from making a good swing,” he said. “Once again, the body cannot function effectively when it is cold,” Letsie said, added that it was especially difficult because he had not planned for the playoffs.  I was not prepared for the play-offs, and I told myself that whatever happened would happen. I only play shots one at a time.” Because of the cold and rainy weather, Letsie was unsure if he would compete for the May Monthly Mug title.

“I wasn’t sure whether I would be playing or not when I left home due to the weather, but again, I said it wouldn’t be good because I had already registered for the competition.” He continued: “So I wasn’t thinking about winning the competition when I left home. I last won the mug about eight years ago, and this is my second monthly mug win.”

Despite the rain, Maseru Golf Club Captain Thabang Khabo said the competition was good. “The competition was good even though it was raining, but the rain had a negative impact on us in terms of golfers’ participation,” he said. We had 39 golfers sign up for the tournament at first, but due to the cold and rainy weather, only 25 golfers competed at the May Monthly Mug.”  Vodacom sponsored last weekend’s monthly mug. Sa Li won the April Monthly Mug, and Khotso Mothebesoane won the March edition of the competition.

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