LeFA fences two sites


…one in Berea and the other in Quthing


MASERU – Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) has announced its fencing of two of its sites in Berea and Quthing. LeFA said the two sites were among the sites aimed for its infrastructural development across the country.

“The Lesotho Football Association is pleased to inform members of the football fraternity that it has completed the fencing of its two sites in (Ha Ramachini) Berea as well as one in (Masitise) Quthing as the Association aims to increase infrastructural capacity across the country,” read LeFA media statement.

The statement further said: “LeFA has been hard at work over the last few years developing its land across the country by building technical centres as well as upgrading the existing facilities.” The local football mother-body said it had already invested in three technical centres in Maseru, Leribe and Mohale’s Hoek.

“The football mother-body has already invested in three technical centres in Maseru, Leribe and Mohale’s Hoek, and recently held a soft launch of its state of-the-art gymnasium at its headquarters in Maseru,” LeFA said in the statement.

“While the existing three technical centres were built through the financial support from the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) under its various projects, LeFA is also getting financial support for its latest infrastructural projects from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), under a bilateral between the two Football bodies.”

LeFA Media Officer, Mikia Kalati, noted they had two other sites already fenced – one in Thaba-Tseka and the other in Sekamaneng, Berea. He said LeFA wanted to have technical centres in all of the 10 districts of the country. 

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