Leqele High School duo shines in LGCSE results



MASERU – Two students from Leqele High School ‘Mapitso Ramokotjo and Tanki Makau are the top achievers in the 2023 LGCSE examinations after obtaining five A*s each. In an interview with ‘Mapitso Ramokotjo, told this publication that she is overwhelmed and grateful more than anything to have obtained such good grades. She said it was by God’s grace that she made it this far.

She said to achieve all these, her life was centered around school work with no social life, to a point where she does not remember the last time she was in town meeting friends. She said she had prepared herself for anything, even if she had not made it, she was ready to supplement.

“To some extend I have always wanted to make my mother proud because of how hard she works for me to secure my future. I did not want her hard work to be in vain. Also, to achieve these good grades while preparing for my final examinations I depended on myself more than other people, I also read and practiced in advance. 

“Leqele High school taught me to fend for myself, to be independent and to work hard if I want to achieve something. It also taught me that I came there alone with God, therefore I should not be under the influence of bad friends but to focus more on my studies to pass in order to achieve my dreams,” she said.  

Ramokotjo also said words of encouragement to those students who did not make it saying it is not over, they must fight until they make it. She said they should look for measures and alternatives to fix their grades and make them better next time and that they should not feel like it is all over.

On the other hand, the Minister of Education and Training Professor Ntoi Rapapa while announcing the 2023 LGCSE results said that the total number of students who wrote their final examinations in 2023 was 18 335 whereas they were 27 477 in 2022. He said the number decreased by 9 142 due to grade 12 having been removed.

He said about 1998 students did not write their final examinations though they had paid for their exams. He called upon the ministry and the Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) to conduct some research on what caused this within the next three to four months.

He said about 563 students obtained A* in 2023 in comparison to 2022 where 1050 students had obtained A*. He said 2448 students obtained A’s which has increased by 0.3 percent in comparison to 2022. He said 17 946 students obtained C symbol which is about 15.4 percent in comparison to 2022 which was 24 294 or 12.2 percent.

“From A* to E symbol the pass rate is 53 percent with a total of 61 625 whereas in 2022 it was 47.3 percent. When it comes to core subjects being English, Sesotho, Physical Science and Mathematics, most students passed Sesotho and English came second. Sesotho is on 58.6 percent whereas in 2022 it was 34.1 percent. English is on 32.3 percent whereas in 2022 it was 26 percent, Physical Science is on 22.1 percent as it was 16.1 percent in 2022 and Mathematics is on 11.2 percent whereas in 2022 it was on six percent.

“The district with the most high ranking pass rate is Mafeteng with 57.6 percent, followed by Qacha’s Nek with 57.5 percent, then Leribe with 56.1 percent, Thaba-Tseka with 55.2 percent, Maseru with 54.5 percent, Mohale’s Hoek with 53 percent, Botha-Bothe with 52 percent, Berea with 48.6 percent, Mokhotlong with 41.4 percent and Quthing with 38.1 percent being the lowest,” Rapapa said.

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