Rape suspect kept in custody

LERIBE – A Ha Tlai-Tlai man, Motlatsi Khosi, 27, has been remanded in custody by the Leribe Magistrate’s Court for failing to pay a M1,000 bail.

Khosi of Hlotse is accused of raping a 31-year-old woman from Mahobong, and he made his first appearance in court on February 15.

The incident allegedly occurred on February 10 when the victim, returning home from an initiation school celebration in Ha Mokausi, Mahobong, encountered Khosi in Ha Lori.

Khosi, posing as a soldier, offered to accompany her home and is alleged to have physically and sexually assaulted the victim near Mahobong High School.

The woman sought help at the nearest shopping complex after the incident.

Rogue motorist jailed

MASERU – Lekoatsa Thoahlane, 45, of Lower Thamae, is currently serving a six-month sentence at the Maseru Central Prison for violating road regulations.

Thoahlane was arrested on February 11 and appeared in the Maseru Magistrate Court on February 14. The court sentenced him to one year of imprisonment, with half of it suspended, or the option of paying a M1500 fine, which he failed to pay.

Despite being released with the condition to report back to the police office the next day after his arrest, Thoahlane returned on February 13, demanding the return of his car keys and phone. He is also facing another case for falsely accusing police officers of breaking into his car while it was in their custody.

The court fined him M500 on February 15, and he is scheduled to appear before the court on February 27 for the second matter.

Nigerian couple to be deported

MASERU – A Nigerian couple residing illegally in Lesotho, Kizito Ohazurume, 50, and Lorretta Ndidi Ohazurume, 38, from ABBA, Imo State, Nigeria, have been sentenced to four years in prison or a fine of M2,000 each.

The couple, residing in Koalabata, Berea, was convicted by the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on February 16. On February 15, the two appeared before the court, with Kizito held in custody and Ndidi instructed to report back the following day.

A police officer saw Kizito at the Home Affairs office on February 14 and requested identification documents. Upon inspection, it was revealed that their documents were expired, with Ndidi’s passport and visa last stamped in 2023 and Kizito having no visa, with his passport expiring in 2020. The court ordered their deportation to their country of origin.

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