China’s democracy on the spotlight at the global forum



MASERU: Nearly 300 officials and experts from more than 70 countries gathered in Beijing on Wednesday this week for the Third International Forum on Democracy. The focus of the gathering centered on democracy as a shared human value. The impact of Chinese-style democracy was also a crucial topic of discussion.

Joined by politicians and scholars, the International Forum on Democracy explores the theme of democracy as a shared human value and how the term is defined differently in China and the West. Experts say Beijing aims to benefit the Chinese people through what it calls “whole process people’s democracy” while advocating for its right to follow a development path and political system that best suits its national interest.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once said the way to realize democracy is diverse. It is not a particular rigid model, but should fit the needs of the country and its people. Officials and experts say they hope the forum will serve as a platform allowing more voices to be heard so they can achieve their pursuit of democracy that fits their development needs.

Li Shulei, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. His speech was based on how Chinese-style democracy is effective and how whole-process people’s democracy has boosted democratic efficacy.

“Chinese-style democracy always revolves around and serves Chinese modernization. It always solves the urgent and challenging issues of the people as its starting point and ultimate goal, and actively responding to and meeting the diverse needs and expectations of the people”. Li Shulei said.

China has its major national policies and social governance on practice, from basic needs, education, employment, medical care and elderly care and its people have a place to express their wishes and appeals. The people see changes and receive actual benefits and these efforts help realize democratic values aligned with democratic efficacy.

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