Likuena receive apparel sponsorship from MMB, LTDC


MASERU – Likuena on Wednesday this week received sweaters and t-shirts from Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) and Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC). Receiving the sponsorship on behalf of the national team, the Sports Minister Motlatsi Maqelepo said during his conversation with the Secretary General of the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) Mokhosi Mohapi earlier, he was asked if he could find support for their national football team, Likuena, for regalia that would highlight the 200 years’ celebration. As a minister, he found that a brilliant idea.

Maqelepo expressed his delight in announcing that the two companies had generously responded to his call to support the national team. MMB sponsored 50 shirts displaying the national flag and 50 t-shirts showcasing the 200 years, while LTDC sponsored 50 sweaters featuring both the national flag and the 200 years. “The companies’ contribution is a testament to the spirit of community and national pride we hold. This sponsorship is not just about the apparel; it symbolises unity, strength, and unwavering support for our team,” said Maqelepo.

He further remarked that the companies’ generosity would boost the morale of both the players and the supporters.  He mentioned that the apparel is so attractive that it could potentially be produced in larger quantities and sold to boost revenue. Maqelepo thanked the sponsors and encouraged other companies and Basotho at large to follow in the footsteps of MMB and LTDC.

He urged all Basotho to come together to pledge their support for the pride of the nation, Likuena. Maqelepo also noted that the LTDC is responsible for bringing tourists to Lesotho and thanked them for recognising that supporting Likuena and placing the “visit Lesotho” brand on the apparel would be a powerful marketing initiative.  He stated that the Government of Lesotho is committed to improving sports infrastructure, starting with the renovation of Setsoto Stadium, to ensure that their teams can play at home.

Tebello Thola of LTDC said their goal is to attract tourists to Lesotho for economic growth, and the “visit Lesotho” message on the apparel will help promote the country as a tourist destination. ’Mapulumo Mosisili, on behalf of MMB, said they seek the strongest partnership with the Government and wished Likuena and LeFA nothing but victory in their upcoming games, expressing their full support as they strive to achieve their best.

For his part, Mohapi thanked the ministry and sponsors for their support, especially as Lesotho celebrates 200 years of the Basotho nation, saying their assistance goes a long way towards the development of football in the country.