Motolo launches book on cross-gender abuse



MASERU: Carol Motolo, founder of Virtue magazine has recently published a book titled Survivors’ Tales which deals with the incredible bravery and ingenuity of victims of all forms of abuse across gender.

Motolo is a dynamic visionary who has a soft spot for the youth who are going through depression, whether they have been raped, molested or assaulted.

She runs a non-profitable organisation called Carol Motolo Foundation where youth who are going through the said challenges in life are assisted and motivated.

Her passion for writing motivated her to start a lifestyle magazine.

“I wanted to share real success stories by everyday people and show the black girl that it is possible to be a woman and be successful,” she maintains.

The book, Survivor’s Tales, breaks down domestic abuse from the victims’ viewpoint and it shows how willing they are to empower each other knowing that no one outside their experience can grasp the agony they face.

The research of Survivor’s Tales focuses on abuse of both genders.

“I try to also break down issues such as abuse of men by women. It is a major breakthrough showing what is happening, giving clarity, offering a new awareness of an issue that is commonly ignored and disregarded.
“The abuse of men by women has potential of becoming the instrument for measuring and defining partner abuse. I also offer solutions to relieve the suffering and devastation it causes,” Motolo says.

The book also points out that once the victim is free of his or her abuser they must still deal with the aftermath of the abuse which can make a victim vulnerable to other challenges.

For example, after one character playing victim was raped and sought psychological care, the therapist tried to convince her that she was also to blame for the relationship and what happened to her.

Having experienced what abuse sounds like, she knew from just one session that the therapist was harmful to her well-being and did not return for a second serving.

The bottom line is: once victims understand how to spot an abuser, they do their best to avoid people with abusive traits.

The book also focuses on abuse such as female genital mutilation also known as female cutting or female circumcisions, and the effects it has on women whether it is temporary or long term.

Motolo urges that if a person wants to help someone who is in an abusive situation, they must look for a good resource on personal safety because leaving an abuser means forcing them to give up their control and it is during this period that victims are harassed, stalked, threatened, attacked and sometimes murdered.

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