Guard kills suspected gumboot thief



PEKA – Security guard Tsike Mohapi last week appeared before magistrates on charges of killing a suspected gumboots thief who had drawn a knife on him

According to a police report released here today, the thief grabbed a pair of gumboots from a shop Mohapi was guarding and took off.

The guard gave chase and caught up with the thief who threatened Mohapi with a knife.

Mohapi had instead brought a rifle to the knife fight and pumped some bullets into the would-be thief who died on the spot.

Police spokesman Senior Inspector Ralentoane Motsoetla said: “The Security guard shot him and he died instantly. He then handed himself to the Police with .380 and with two bullets, the gumboots were found at the bus top near the shop.”

Mohapi from Ha Abia is expected to appear in court again on July 10.

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