Govt. to create 8500 jobs



MASERU – Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has unveiled an ambitious programme to create 8500 jobs for Basotho youth beginning July 1, effect the long-awaited 6 percent salary hike for the police as well as outstanding arrears, against the spectre of planned mass protests.

Thabane flanked by Ministers of Finance, Tourism, Public Works, Water Affairs, Education and Sports said his government expected that by 2022, it would have created 30 000 jobs for youths.

He also summersaulted on an earlier statement by the Minister of Development Planning Tlohelang Aumane that government had resolved to cut down sponsorship of several courses offered at Lesotho’s institutions of higher learning, saying that they had decided to continue sponsoring the same number of students in the 2020-2021 financial period.

“Government will also in due course hold a seminar wherein it will be discussed a structure on the sponsorship to tertiary institutions for the 2020-2021 financial period and going forward,” Thabane said.

“We have also consulted with the institutions regarding the increment of fees and they have promised us that they will not hiking them. We will continue to engage with them.”

Additionally, Thabane also announced that wool and mohair farmers would be granted a three-month grace period to sell their fibre anywhere in the world, while government pursued the completion of outstanding payments to farmers, which has motivated a mass protest set for Friday.

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