Religious leaders discuss impact of food on peace efforts


Staff Reporter

MASERU –  The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) office in Lesotho early last week discussed, among other issues, the role of food in maintaining peace in an individual and society at large.

WARP has offices all over the world and seeks to foster harmonious inter-faith relations with the ultimate sole objective of guaranteeing world peace.

The 10th of September 2019 marked the 5th annual commemoration of the historic global WARP summit held in South Korea.

The discussion panel in Maseru comprised Muslim and Christian religious leaders.

Each religion distinguishes between good from bad food; religious leaders agree not all food is good for human beings and there are different scriptures to support each religion’s principles when it comes to food.

Pastor Mothibe outlined the Christian perspective on food and health well-being, while Abdullah Sesinyi and Abdul Malik Moselinyane Nts’asa explained the position of Islam.

Both sides gave detailed suggestions towards healthy eating and well-being.

Religious leaders from either side agreed on the toxicity of some modern commercial foodstuffs to today’s human life, and that peace starts at the individual level. If the body is sick because of toxic food, there can be no peace and if there is no peace at an individual level, then national and global peace efforts become compromised.

WARP is an arm within the fast growing global non-profit NGO called Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL) whose peace initiatives have spread to almost every nation on earth.

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