Boot camp for pre-teens and teenage boys



MASERU – Boys between the age of 10 and 19 are invited to attend Boys Boot Camp, scheduled for Friday until Sunday at Boqate Leisure Park.

Harry Nqoate Nkhetše, senior facilitator, leadership coach and managing director of Mountain Peak and Tobaka Consultants hosts the camp.

According to Nkhetše his late son Letlotlo inspired him to start this camp, which is why he decided to name it Boy-Child Programme.

“He was born with a disability which made him very special to our family. He’d be a teenager by now and, seeing what teenage boys get involved in no one knows what he would have turned out to be, if he were alive hence the idea of the boot camp,” he said.

He further mentioned that he grew up a camper and that he knows how much discipline he got growing up, which shaped his positive outlook of life.

“My love for boot camps was further inspired by Steve Harvey with his boys’ programme to help shape their future and manhood,” he said.

For a full interview get your copy of Public Eye this Friday.

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