Teenager falls victim to human trafficking



QACHA’S NEK – A 17-year-old girl from Leropong reported a case of human trafficking to the police on January 18.

Mopeli said the girl, who is a double orphan, was enticed by a relative to go and live with her in Johannesburg.

The relative even send money for the girl and she went to South Africa.

Two days after her arrival, the girl went to town with the relative but surprisingly she was left alone and allegedly told to find her way back home, Mopeli said

“After a while, the girl saw a van with three men parking next to her. She was immediately kidnapped, sexually abused and beaten up and was left in a strange place.

“While crying and seeking help, she saw another van with three men but this time these were not criminals. The men, who understood Sesotho rushed her to Kempton Park police station,” Mopeli said.

Due to her poor health condition, she was taken to the North Day Hospital where she was admitted for a whole month.

“While investigating the whole matter, the police went to the relative’s place but she was nowhere to be found.

“Since she had nowhere to go, after he discharge from hospital a 51-year-old Mosotho woman from Mohale’s Hoek took her in and stayed with her until she was able to take her back to Lesotho.”

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