Despite errors ’Maesaiah has changed lives



Maseru- Wouldn’t it be great if life had sliding doors? Doors you could slide open and walk through to re-do certain things in the past then walk back into a better, happier and brighter outcome. We would all at one point in lives reach for that door I am sure.

As is it right now we have a person of particular interest who had what could have honestly been the fairy tale life. Raised in the small, remote village of Mokhotlong and having had her fair share of challenges in life, she rose from a village nobody and made her way to the heart of the highest man in command after the King himself.

Her life could easily have been the reincarnation of the long told and loved tales of Snow White, Little Red Riding Wood and even Beauty & the Beast.

So many young village girls could have been inspired to know that being born into a rural village does not necessarily mean you are condemned to die there. Hers would have been a beautiful story of touching lives and changing people. Come to think of it, I have not known any First Lady who has built as many houses for homeless people as this one has.

As controversial as she may have been, she did in her own way make sure peoples’ lives of quite a considerable number became changed for the better. Through her generosity many peoples lives were tremendously changed. We cannot ignore that.

One then wonders, with the possibility of living such a beautiful life and leaving behind such a great legacy, what then went wrong? It started off with subtle but potentially disastrous actions that we brushed aside, laughed about, held three-hour entertaining talk shows about and gradually tolerated.

And from there giant leaps were taken from making front page newspaper headlines to sitting in a dock being charged with murder. It is at this point I am sure we all wish we could reach for the sliding doors and rush back into the past to deal with things effectively instead of conveniently ignoring and making cheap fun of them.

I am sure someone close to her could have nipped all this in the bud and we would most likely be dealing with a completely different and less embarrassing and less disgraceful outcome today. Who ever came up with that saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ knew excatly what they were talking about.

We saw the first stitch ripping and we laughed, then next one ripped we made jests out of it, the next one ripped we tried hard to ignore it and some even made excuses for it. And now our entire veil of dignity as a nation has been completely torn apart, leaving us walking in the shame of total nakedness of a justice system that has been reduced to a circus.

And its not funny anymore. Its infuriating and embarassing. We will always be known as that scandalous little kingdom in the sky that was dragged down to muddy earth by one village girl.

And if we really want to scratch beyond the surface here, it is a common weakness amongst women to completely tear apart what could otherwise have been “our perfect life”. We get cuaght up in so much anger, hatred, greed and bitterness and turn ourselves into spies and investigative officers and completely lose focus on our mandate of being wives, sisters and mothers.

We might not find ourselves sitting in docks being charged with murder but a lot of us have victims who have died mentally and emotionally as a result of our own wickedness and stupidity. We have children who are growing up broken and crushed and husbands who “die” everyday they walk through the door into the coldness we ourselves have brought into our own homes.

The bible very rightly says that a wise woman builds her home while a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. She who has an ear, let her hear…

On a different note ladies, this is 2020 and its not just a new year but a new decade and we seriously need to do less drama and more of lifebuilding. Instead of hoping around spreading gossip like a plague, join a network for extra income or take up a course or something.

Slamming each over cheating partners should be a thing of the past now because after all that has been said and done it is quite clear that its not worth it. This year we need to start learning how to focus. And not just how to focus but to focus on the right things!

And if you really want to progress then best thing to start focusing on is yourself. Build yourself, build your profile, build your career, build your character, build your body. Get excited about your own success and stability.

And the best weapon to success is to be the best version of you in all situations and at all times. Never place yourself in a competition with anyone as this merely moves from being yourself towards matching being like someone you will never become. You will always be YOU. Dont just pursue education, seek knowledge and wisdom.

A doctorate is just an educational title that can easily be worn by any fool. Do not be that woman. As our dear Mme Mary Bosiu likes to say “if you are not willing to do much, you will not amount to much. Life is all about doing!” Let’s do it ladies!

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