Electricity for Mathokoane community



Bokang Makhoa

Ha Mpopo – Energy minister, Ntoi Rapapa yesterday launched an electrification project at Mathokoane, Ha Mpopo.

Along with Mamotubuli Motlatsi (Deputy Minister of Education) and Samonyane Ntsekele (Minister of Water), Rapapa called a meeting to announce the launch of the electrification project set to start on Friday this week and to introduce the contractor, Mosioa Mokhosi, to the community.

Mokhosi, who will be in charge of the whole project, pleaded with the community to treat him only as a contractor who is just going to do his work and not see him as a brother who will do favors for them.

“I know all of you know me, as I grew up in this village. I ask you to please treat me just like a man who is here to do his job not like your brother so that I will do my job in peace,” he said.

Rapapa urged the community not fight them as ministers but work together with them to bring change.

“We promise you that electricity is coming, and I believe it is going to bring so much peace as it will make life easier than before; if we don’t fulfill this promise, then you can tell us to step down,” he said.

Rapapa added that when the electricity comes, they should be aware of crooks who will come claiming they will give them free electricity, further promising that they are going to bring computers and printers for the secondary and primary school in the village.

Lefu Tele, a councillor of Ha Mpopo, delivered a vote of thanks appreciating the government’s efforts to fulfill their promise.



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