Auto Group Motors gives handsomesly to cricket




MASERU – Lesotho Cricket Association (LCA) received a sponsorship of a car from a local Japanese car dealer Auto Group Motors which was delivered to the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) premises on Tuesday.

The Nissan Note vehicle, aimed at helping the LCA run its errands smoothly, is valued at M37 000.

The vehicle will enable a smooth running of the association during games  to transport of food and players around especially when attending conferences.

Setsomi-Mathealira the manager at Auto Group Motors said it is their good gesture to the sporting code because they want to help.

LCA president Sebajoa Sebajoa said, “today marks the begining of a historic era in the existence of the Lesotho Cricket Association. On behalf of the association, I wish to say this gift of a car comes at the time when we have just established offices in four different districts being Mohale’s Hoek, Maseru, Berea and Leribe.

“This vehicle is going help a lot in the monitoring and evaluation of activities in the established offices. Apart from that we have had challenges of going outside the towns for long. With the existence of the new vehicle, we are now confident that our outreach programmes will be effective as well as efficient.

“To Auto Group Motors, I would like to guarantee today at this moment that this vehicle is going to be used for what in cricket we say ‘fit for purpose’ that is only for the purpose of which it was offered, and it is our hope that in the future more will come through the partnership that LCA and Auto Group has now established,” Sebajoa said.

Mohammed Razin who is the president of the Import Car Dealers Association of Lesotho indicated “this is the first donation from the association and in future our association is ready to give more donations to the cricket association as we have 85 members in the association and I will do what I can to see to it that more sponsors give the cricket association.”

LSRC Chief Executive Officer Teboho Malataliana emphasized that they are faced with a challenge during the end of the financial year which ends in March.

He added they have been running low on cash but emphasised that cricket is one of the few associations which still seem to continue with their programmes with or without any funds, this is “why even today we can see their achievements”.

“Sponsors like Auto Group Motors we thank them by making a plea to Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) that they get a discount on their tax payments (tax rebate),” he added.

He congratulated the LCA for being receipients the generous sponsorship and urged them to take good care it.

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