Thabane’s secretary sings the master praises




MASERU – The Senior Principal Secretary (SPS) to Prime Minister Motsoahae Thabane has poured scorn on widespread attacks on his ability to continue as head of government – amid an impending murder charge.

The secretary, Thabo Thakalekoala, says Thabane’s mettle as a leader is unquestionable, and remains the best candidate to lead the Lesotho government.

“He is a patriot, he has a wealth of experience because he has worked in all the governments of beginning in 1965; he knows the goings on in government and politics,” Thakalekoala told Public Eye.

The SPS continued that all people with whom Thabane has worked can attest to his talents and skill, but “unfortunately he came into politics very late, which did not allow him the time he needs to enact his vision…his desires and aspirations as prime minister.”

Thakalekoala further said this scenario has not allowed Thabane to pursue his agenda in both his tours as prime minister in 2012 and in 2017 because “he did not rule alone, he is in a partnership and where there is a coalition there are disagreements in decision making.”

“In the local political landscape leaders put themselves first before the country, and have disagreement in decision making. These can make a coalition government to fail because they do not look at the development of the country, each and everyone wants to be ahead infected by “personality syndrome,” he continued.

Thakalekoala said, “my point of view is that he has tried, where he worked he did his best it is pitiful that he is resigning.”


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