Two women abort, conceal foetuses



MASERU – A 24-year-old woman of Thoteng, Linotšing, in the Mohale’s Hoek is in police custody accused of termination her pregnancy concealing the foetus.

Police say on February 6 the woman had approached a private doctor and purchased pills to initiate an abortion, upon discovery of the crime police were alerted and the woman arrested leading to the discovery of a dead baby boy body which was found hidden in a bucket in her room.

Meanwhile, in a similar case another woman was also arrested by the police following the termination of her 4 months pregnancy, in this case police again found a baby hidden inside a bucket under her bed.

According to reports by the police, the suspect had told her boyfriend that she was pregnant and when he denied impregnating her “she got depressed and decided to abort the baby instead.”

The crime is reported to have been committed on February 1, after which the suspect told a relative that she felt dizzy and sick.

She was taken to hospital where doctors discovered she had just had an abortion.

She will appear in court as soon as she is discharged from hospital.

“These two gruesome incidents are proof enough that there is no place to hide for criminals; you break the law and we will hunt you and find you wherever you are,” said police spokesperson Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, assuring the public the police remained committed to their safety.


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