Mother, son nabbed for sex trafficking



BOTHA-BOTHE – A 64-years-old mother, ’Mamothomanyane Moeta, and her 30-years-old son, Malitse Moeta, have been arrested and appeared before the Botha-Bothe Magistrate Court on June 3 to answer charges of human trafficking for sex exploitation. The duo was released on free bail, and ordered to appear again before the same court on July 2.

According to the police the mother, resident at Ha Rampai, Botha-Bothe, traversed neighbouring villages recruiting young girls for employment at her home as domestic workers; and that upon arrival duped through the promise of a job were then turned into sex slaves for her son Malitse. It has been reported that having satisfied with sexual escapades the son would kick the girls out of the homestead, and the mother embark on a new mission to find another victim.

“A 26-years-old lady reported an incident of this nature to the police, indicating that she arrived at the Moeta family on May 23. She said upon arrival ‘Mamothomanyane told her that her son was separated from his wife and that they looked together and would make a good couple.

The young lady was then shown the son’s bedroom to sleep in, where she was raped for days until May 30 when the son kicked her out. She was not even paid for the days she had supposedly work at the homestead,” police say.

Police reports further indicate that on the day they visited the family on an investigation following the report by the complainant ‘Mamothomanyane arrived at the home in the company of a young girl she claimed was her granddaughter. The girl, however, denied the story, revealing this was her first visit to the village and did not even know this family. She continued she had been promised a job as a domestic helper by ‘Mamothomanyane.

Police say they have established that there numerous victims who were lured into this sex trafficking grid but have not reported their ordeal to the police. “We call on victims of this family’s criminal acts to report to the police while we continue with our investigations,” the police have appealed.


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