EFF pretenders reined-in


Stalwarts label leaders opportunistic comedians


MASERU – Nascent political outfit, the Lesotho Economic Freedom Fighters (LEFF), risks losing recognition by South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) after failing to meet demands for EFF continental structures.

The EFF on May 22 held its National People’s Assembly (NPA), where a decision to play an active role in the formation of off-shoots of the revolutionary youth movement across the continent was adopted.

The assembly outlined a framework of key components of what and how an EFF structure should like, the Lesotho enthusiasts attended the NPA and were directed along with delegates from other countries to submit a report before the end of May outlining their plan of action in meeting EFF demands.

Communication from EFF’s Secretary General, Marshall Dlamini, states “as of May 2020, there are structures that refer to themselves as EFF in the following countries: Liberia, Namibia, Malawi, Ghana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. The only countries that have demonstrated some independent capacity to mobilise are Liberia and Namibia which was voted into the Namibian Parliament securing two seats.”

The communication added, “the EFF in South Africa has not been able to verify if these structures are legitimate structures or some group of opportunists, clones of the ruling party and its state security agents or just staff riders who seek to use the name of the EFF for their individual benefits whilst not engaged in any electoral political activity.”

For this, the countries, inclusive of Lesotho were directed to submit a report of their honest and truthful state of affairs and compliance with 11 features that defines the EFF.

Some of the features are:  an interim founding manifesto outlining key historical analysis of politics in each country, an interim constitution modelled in the format of EFF South Africa constitution, an interim structure of a minimum of 20 interim central command team and membership forms resembling the EFF South Africa membership.”

Dlamini states that “unless the EFF structures in each country meet these key demands, they will not get recognition and support that will be provided by a coordinated process of supporting and establishing EFF structures.”

LEFF President, Tefo Makhakhe told Public Eye that his party did not head the EFF call because there were flaws in the communication wherein they were asked to comply with certain features within EFF. He said they are in communication with EFF to clarify issues that will see the two entities (LEFF and EFF) “enjoy cordial relationships going forward.”

Makhakhe said it is important to note that LEFF is an independent organization that will run its affairs according to the laws and practices in Lesotho adding that they stressed such a point in their communication with EFF.

“We have not submitted the report because there were flaws that we realized. We are still communicating on the issue but I think it is important to note that LEFF is an independent entity registered with the Law Office of Lesotho,” he said.

Makhakhe pointed out that while their movement was influenced by the EFF, it is a well-known fact that they are a movement in Lesotho and that politics in the two countries as well as with other African countries will differ.

According to him, working with EFF going forward they will have to localize policies to ensure that they meet citizens they serve. He said while they are all African countries, but the challenges facing them may not exactly be the same and, therefore, may need a different approach.

He said the EFF appeared to understand their concerns and have promised to report later.

However, some members of LEFF have accuse Makhakhe of resisting assistance to meet conditions set by EFF. LEFF Mohale’s Hoek district committee has raised concerns with the current LEFF leadership.

The district deputy Secretary, Motšoane Motlhokoa this week wrote to the EFF International Relations and Africa Affairs complaining about the current LEFF leadership.

Motlhokoa says the Mohale’s Hoek committee has had to seek the intervention of the EFF after Makhakhe and his committee declined to meet them. According to him, no progress has been made by the current LEFF leadership in selling the EFF mandate/cardinal pillars.

In a letter to Godrich Gardee of the EFF International Relations and Africa Affairs office, Motlhokoa has labeled the current EFF leaders clowns.

It really pains us as Basotho Economic Freedom Fighters to witness and continue living with the fact that we are led by a delinquent opportunistic group which took it upon themselves to approach EFF and seek approval for establishment of the party just for them to fail to implement the resolutions set as to guide countries for proper EFF formation,” reads the letter in part.

It further states “the letter also serves to inform your office about usage of unfounded tittles and irrelevant individual publicity gains on social media (Facebook) by the interim top six of the LEFF. They have never used any media to broadcast the seven Cardinal Pillars of the EFF, call for establishment of interim committees as instructed, sharing of information to help develop communities or even provision of progress report let alone the elected committees.”

Makhakahe told Public Eye Motlhokoa is an opportunist who he learnt has come to the LEFF gunning for positions. He said he learned about Motlhokoa recently through phone calls but has never met him at any of their meeting adding that he does not even hold the LEFF membership.

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