Lehloenya loses confidence vote



MASERU – Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Teboho Lehloenya, on Monday lost a vote of confidence in the National Assembly – with 58 legislators voting for his removal while 48 voted for his continuation in the position, there was 1 spoiled vote.

This following debate on Monday after All Basotho Convention (ABC) Koro-Koro constituency Member of Parliament (MP), Tumahole Lerafa, filed the motion on June 16 in the move seconded by Mankoe James Maime.

Speaking to Public Eye last week, Lerafa pointed out that as legislators they could no longer tolerate Lehloenya’s inefficiency relating to his mandate as Deputy Speaker, charging the Alliance of Democrats stalwart confused the Members of Parliament – and as a result restricted them in carrying out their own mandate as representatives of the people who elected them.

Lerafa said the Deputy Speaker has for some time now been unable to remain neutral and professional “favouring those with whose ideas he agreed. He said previous attempts to oust the Deputy Speaker have failed only because he then enjoyed the protection of government.  

“The man fails to control the House. All he does is argue with members instead of leading them, this creates havoc and we cannot tolerate such conduct.

His leadership also lacks transparency. When the House elected members to the House Business Committee he chose five members from the ABC, one from the Democratic Congress (DC), two from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy and two from the Alliance of Democrats…which is out of order per Standing Orders on proportionality,” he said.

Lerafa articulated that Lehloenya’s leadership has brought nothing but shame and confusion on the august House, citing the incident in which the legislators exchanged blows and destroyed furniture in the National Assembly.

He said this, among others, shows his lack of capacity to lead the assembly.

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