MKM brings more tears to the bereaved





MASERU – MKM Burial Society in hot water after several bereaved families today accused the life assurer of failing to deliver assured services to its clients. Earlier this week, several dejected MKM clients approached this publication complaining that there were no caskets, vehicles, money and equipment. Setungoane Malataliana, one of the clients based in Thaba-Tseka, accused MKM of providing sub-standard services.

“They are not fulfilling their promises. I paid for a casket amounting to M2 500 but when I arrived there I was asked to choose a cheaper one because there were no caskets. I did not have a problem with that because I decided to top up with more money to get a better one,” she said explaining that she only got more disappointed when she was told transportation and a tent would not be available.

Malataliana further indicated she asked the lady who was assisting her why she was not offered services that were specified in her burial plan. “The lady told me that the company is broke and that she had to hide from the office because of several calls and clients who are trying to make claims,” she said. Another client complained that MKM was unable to provide money, and transportation.

“They just brought the deceased home and they left; they did not bring any other equipment that we expected for the funeral to go smoothly,” she said, adding that the family of the deceased was not provided with transport from the grave yard.

Trouble seems to continue stalking MKM. MKM Group of Companies was shut down in November 2007 by the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) after it emerged the company was operating banking and insurance businesses in violation of the Financial Institution Act 1999 and Insurance Act 1976, respectively.

A CBL-commissioned investigation conducted by South African firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, revealed that of the M400 million invested by depositors in MKM — comprising MKM Marketing Ltd, Star Lion Group Ltd, Star Lion Insurance Ltd and Star Lion Gold Coin Investment (Pty) Ltd — could only account for M100 million in assets that included buildings and vehicles.

Ever since the second wave of COVID-19 emerged, most mortuaries are reported to be full due to a sudden surge in mortality due this deadly disease, putting more pressure to funeral insurers to spend more in a short time than they are used to.

Public Eye tried to call MKM offices, but the calls were not answers.

MKM, Burial Society, owned by Mr Simon Thebe- ea- Khale.

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