NACOSEC sets the record straight


Lehlohonolo Lebiletsa

Maseru – The office of the Prime Minister held a press conference today to enlighten the nation of NACOSEC’s budget as the nation battles a vicious bout of the Covid-19 pandemic.

NACOSEC’s public relations officer (PRO) Baroane Phenethi explained that a budget of M698 000 000 had been set aside by the government to fight the corona virus pandemic.

Out of the budget, Phenethi explained that only M403 514 064 was handed to the Disaster Management Committee (DMA) which NACOSEC submits to. Phenethi explained that NACOSEC has used M341 848 040.78 so far.

“M293 813 559.46, which is 86% of the amount used so far served the purpose of ensuring that Basotho who tested positive are well taken care of, paying health care facilities and isolation centres, paying health facilitators and others, while the remaining 14% was used for other expenses like petrol, printing, phone calls and others,” said Phenethi.

Phenethi further urged Basotho not to be misled by the on-going rumours that NACOSEC is fiddling with the budget for unnecessary reasons.

“There are false accusations claiming that NACOSEC has spent over M1.5 billion. I am here to declare that rumour false and urge fellow Basotho not to be moved by it,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Personal Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister Kabelo Lehora said NACOSEC’s agenda remains the same which is ensuring that Basotho don’t get infected and those who are already infected recover.

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