Respite for street vendors as govt pays up




Maseru – Street vendors have since yesterday been receiving the COVID-19 relief funds that they were promised during the first lockdown that began on the 26th March 2020 which first forced them off the streets.

Moreni ’Mabathoana, a member of a subcommittee that works closely with the street vendors’ associations and some vendors themselves confirmed that the funds have since reflected in their accounts.

“I have been getting reports that people are receiving funds. So far it is not a lot of us because we have registered almost 7000 street vendors who are eligible for funding. According to reports a few people from different zones in town have received payments. However, we are hopeful that all of us who qualify will receive the funds because we are in great need,’’ she said.

Asked about their decision to sue the Prime Minister and other institutions of government, she said she supported it.

“The decision taken against street vendors to stay off the streets was very unfair because factory workers and people in the taxi business are allowed to go to work while we are not,” she said, adding they also deserve to go to work to sustain their lives.

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