‘More could die if lockdown is not extended’


. . . Basotho express mixed feelings over lockdown

Lehlohonolo Lebiletsa

Maseru – Basotho have expressed mixed feelings about the prospects of the Prime Minister extending the current lockdown set to end today at midnight.

Some believe it is necessary that the lockdown be extended while others are strongly against its further extension. Mr Ntlama Ntlama, a security guard believes the lockdown should not be extended and people should be given a chance to go to their different workplaces.

He, however, encouraged the government to enforce strict measures to make sure that everyone is wearing their masks and following all the guidelines.

Mrs Masechaba Tjotjela, who is a street vendor, concurred adding, the lockdown is not helping at all because people are dying of hunger and they have nothing to feed their families.

“I am a witness to the fact that corona virus is dangerous and it is killing a lot of Basotho but on the other hand we are dying of hunger in the families. I would gladly stay at home if the government would promise that it would at least make a plan to ensure we at least have food,” she said.

On the contrary, Refiloe Nthebele believes the Prime minister should further extend the lockdown by at least two more weeks, since the virus is rapidly spreading and, if not contained, it could easily get out of control.

“Our health care system is already very shaky and I cannot even begin to imagine what it would do if more people were to test positive. The best thing we would do now is to protect people from getting infected by any means necessary and the only way out, unfortunately, is through the imposition of a lockdown,” he noted.

A pharmacist who chose to remain anonymous strongly affirmed that the government should extend the lockdown for the sake of Basotho though many of them may not see the importance of the extension.

“I witness a lot of people who come here everyday and are already showing signs and symptoms of the virus but they are reluctant to get tested. Imagine how many people they are likely to infect if free movement is allowed. A lot of people will die should the PM not extend the lockdown,” she said.

Meanwhile, the fatality rate is rising exponentially in the country, with over 140 deaths having been confirmed by NACOSEC, with a high possibility that the actual number of deaths is higher.

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