‘There are many radio stations, but the reach is limited’



. . . Misa to mark World Radio Day


Maseru – Due to the impact of Covid-19 Unicef together with MISA Lesotho will celebrate World Radio Day (WRD) on 26 February 26, 2021, instead of the annual regular date of February 13.

This year the global event will be celebrated under the theme “New World New Radio” with three sub themes; evolution, innovation and connection.

As 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of WRD and 110 years of radio, Director of MISA Lesotho Lekhetho Ntsukunyane said despite delays in preparing to mark WRD in Lesotho on the actual day of celebration, a lot has been planned on the chosen day.

Pluralism and diversity are key elements in radio, he said, therefore they continue to discuss and stress their importance in order to grow radio.

“We need to ensure that we help develop radio, and not only in numbers but in reach. We have about 30 radio stations in Lesotho but only two of them have a wide reach nationally. Therefore, does that (the large number of radio stations on its own) promote diversity?”, he said highlighting that when more radio stations have a wider reach, a larger audience will be exposed to a variety of content.

Ntsukunyane said it is important for programming in the radio stations to also cover all social issues equally.

“Our local radio stations need to cover everything in their programming; they need to give Basotho information about all issues that affect them equally, not just political issues,” he said adding that amid the Covid-19 pandemic, radio needs to play a bigger role in dissemination of information.

The editorial structures in radio stations also need to involve all age groups. “We encourage that there be equal representation in newsrooms as well so that we reach all Basotho, young and old,” he said.

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