Mosito sues Mapesela for M3 million


Staff Reporter

Maseru – Outgoing defence minister Lekhetho Mosito has slapped agriculture minister Tefo Mapesela, along with People’s Choice FM and Relebohile Moyeye with a M3 million lawsuit for alleged defamation of character.

Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro yesterday fired Mosito from cabinet after only about a week in office. Public Eye Online has seen a copy of the High Court Summons in which Mosito is suing Mapesela, PCFM and radio presenter Moyeye.

The complaint arose from a radio phone-in programme in which Mapesela, among others alleged that:

  1. While serving as a soldier, Mosito engaged in criminal activity by stealing guns from the amoury, which guns were used to kill people in Maputsoe and that he was subsequently fired from the army, convicted and imprisoned.
  2. Mosito has no capacity to lead the security forces “because he himself is a rebel who had been discharged from the army on account of his errant and or criminal behavior.”
  3. Mosito is a disloyal politician bereft of principle and is not supportive of the head of government who recommended his appointment as defence minister.
  4. Mosito is a potential security threat to the country and his appointment as defence minister “attracts or emboldens” his potential threat to national security.


Mosito charges the allegations from the radio interview are false, malicious and defamatory. Mosito has appointed attorneys T.M. Maieane and Company who have appointed Advocate C.J. Lephuthing to represent him.

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