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MASERU –Kick4Life FC winger, Khubetsoana Kamela, has parted ways with the Police Europa based-side to join the Lesotho Mounted Police Services (LMPS). Kamela, 21, leaves Kick4Life after a four year-stint with the club and is expected to join LMPS FC after graduating from police training at the Police Training College (PTC). The former Linare and Galaxy FC player is not the only Kick4Life player set to leave the club, teammates Karabelo Pita and Molemohile Phasumane are also on the way out.

Kick4Life FC Media Officer, Reitumetse Tlopo, confirmed the players’ exodus, saying they are all leaving the club for greener pastures. The trio made the cut in fresh applications for this year’s enrolment of new recruits to join the police service.

“They played their cards open from the beginning. They came very clean about their intentions to join the LMPS and we did not have a problem with that because we want them to progress in life,” said Tlopo in an interview with Public Eye on Tuesday. He further said: “Yes, they are still Kick4Life players as they still have contracts with the club; as of now only Khubetsoana Kamela has tendered his resignation letter, meaning we have (officially) parted ways with him.”

Tlopo said the Kick4Life management made it clear from the beginning that they were prepared to terminate the players’ contracts of the players in order for them to be able to join LMPS FC.

“In fact, we talked with them from the onset that they should come and terminate the contracts so that should the police team, LMPS FC, require them to play they wouldn’t have any problems with contracts still tying them to us as a football team. So even after the police recruitment training if the police team wants for them to join their football team. We have given the green light,” he said.

Kamela was one of the key players at the Kick4Life FC camp and there’s doubt that his absence, together with Pita and Phasumane, is going to leave a huge gap to fill at the Police Europa side. Tlopo said they are yet to be advised by the technical team on the how to go about replacing the trio. Kick4Life, however, are not expected to struggle that much when it comes to filling the gap left by the three players since the club has a dependable development team.

“We have a good development team but still we would be advised by our technical team on that issue,” Tlopo said, adding that even Pita and Phasumane are from the Kick4Life development team.

LMPS FC Communications and Marketing Manager (CMM), Mosiuoa Lekhooana, revealed there were several players from different clubs who have been enlisted into their recruitment course this year.

“So from the LMPS FC side, I am not in a position to comment on the issue of the Kick4Life FC players joining the police service,” said Lekhooana. He further said: “But if after completion of the training the LMPS FC coach will be interested in roping any into the team, we will then have to negotiate with their clubs.”

As a government institution’s team, LMPS FC has previously attracted scores of players from all leagues in the country, with many set on securing permanent jobs. Upon completion of training they have gone on to play for the police team. Former Matlama FC midfield maestro, Kefuoe Mahula, is one of those players.

Mahula joined LMPS FC in the beginning of the currently suspended season, and and he is part of this year’s group of police recruits – together with Kamela, Pita and Phasumane, amongst others. Likuena defender, Nkau Lerotholi, is another former Matlama FC and former Majantja FC goalkeeper, Agente Pule, are just a few of players who joined LMPS FC in the same manner.

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