Ts’epong fires nurses over strike


Staff Reporter

Maseru – An unspecified number of nurses at Ts’epong is said to have received letters terminating their services.

This is a fallout from the strike that has crippled operations over the past weeks.

A letter to one nurse who cannot be identified seen by Public Eye with the hospital’s letterhead but whose authenticity could not be verified immediately reads, in part:

“On 25 February, 2021 the management of Ts’epong issued a final ultimatum which instructed all nursing staff to return to work effective immediately, however you still elected to continue with the unlawful strike and failed to respond to the ultimatum”

“You are requested by the company to hand over ID tags to the Human Resources Department and any other company property in your possession effective immediately . . . You are also expected to observe the usual visiting hours if you need to visit a particular patient admitted in the hospital,” the memo states.

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