MPs’ allowance: MEC youths add their voice


Maseru – The Movement for Economic Change (MEC) Youth league has added its voice to the growing number of Basotho groups peeved by the MPs’ recent move to allocate themselves a M5 000 tax free allowance. MEC Youth league has advised MPs from their party to withdraw from the agreement.
The party youth said in their letter addressed to the MEC caucus in Parliament that due to the impact of Covid-19 which destroyed many people’s livelihoods, the timing of such an allowance was bad. The league further reminded MPs that civil servants did not get any salary increases since the government is struggling, adding that the decision should be suspended for the benefit of the public.They further pleaded that other benefits for MPs should be withdrawn until the economy recovers.
“We are all equal and if it is true that government does not have enough money then we should all compromise, parliamentarians included,” the letter read.

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