New party pre-launch celebrations at Mahaos home




Lehlohonolo Lebiletsa

Maseru – Events on the volatile Lesotho political scene have been moving very fast in the past two days.

First, yesterday the nation woke up to a video showing former agriculture minister and ruling ABC MP Tefo Mapesela burning ABC party regalia while continuously making claims he had formed a new party.

Again earlier yesterday, there was an unverified post on social media claiming Professor Nqosa Mahao, the minister of law had been removed from his cabinet post. The office of the Prime minister later dismissed this post as false, explaining that Mahao was still in office and hadnt been released from duty.

Later yesterday, however, this publication witnessed convoy of cars with people ululating heading to Qoatsaneng, where Mahao lives.

On arrival at Mahaos abode men and women were singing, chanting and shouting “Mokondo” which is supposedly the name of the party and incidentally the same name seen on the viral post dismissed as false by the PMs office.

Speaking at the event which seemed like a celebration of a new party, Mahao said he met with some of his ABC leaders who pleaded with him to form a new party for them and he has heard their call.

I say this in confidence, this morning, a certain group of ABC leaders held a meeting which lasted over three hours, giving me an assignment to birth a new political party. The truth remains, we have been pleading with ABC for peace and reconciliation for far too long and we have had enough, he said.

He pleaded with all who were gathered at his house to ensure that they spread the word in the villages so that they can win the upcoming elections. He said ululating alone was not enough, instead what would bring joy to his heart is if they spread the word in the constituencies.

Mahao continued to outline that the new party will have clear policies that will separate it from other parties and said they will be defined as a peaceful and transparent party.

We are going to build a proper programme that we will enforce when we take over governance. We will also see to it that the wealth of Lesotho is not wasted, he said.

Mapesela who had long been making claims about the party to be led by Mahao was present.

Meanwhile, Mahao promised that a press conference will soon be held where the party will officially be launched and made known to the public.

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