Basotho put masks off as Covid-19 numbers dip


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Lehlohonolo Lebiletsa

Maseru – After a huge drop in the number of corona virus cases in Lesotho, many Basotho are no longer adhering to the Covid-19 regulations given by the government through NACOSEC.

Over the weekend Public Eye went out on the streets of Maseru to hear different people’s views on the virus. Most of those interviewed believe the virus is under control and life is back to normal.

Ramphielo Rabobojane who was in town to run a few errands said since the beginning of this year, he has witnessed things getting back to normal and everyone is going about their day to day activities as if nothing has happened. 

“In my own view, things are back to normal. Ever since the beginning of this year people have been doing their daily activities as if nothing had happened. Even the lockdown this year was not as effective as last year’s and, here we are, still alive and kicking,” he said. 

Justice Leboto who is a street vendor concurred adding he doubts the virus has ever been there to start with. He said if it was really there and is as harmful as it is said to be, it would have killed him first because he deals with a lot of people. 

“Even when the whole country was on strict lockdown, I was still selling fruits and snacks at home and masses would still flock to buy. I am therefore convinced that either Covid-19 has vanished or it was never there to begin with,” he said, with his mask beneath his chin.

In the contrast, a young security guard who chose to remain anonymous for work purposes had a different opinion. 

“I strongly believe the virus is still there and still hazardous. Although the cases have clearly dropped, I think we should not use that as an excuse for disbelief but rather we should continue adhering and respecting laws bestowed on us. If people continue misbehaving, I would advice government to reinforce harsh punishments because, clearly, that is the only way Basotho will be forced to behave,” he said.

Baroane Phenithi, who is NACOSEC’s risk communication officer told Public Eye that Covid-19 is still present and fatal and therefore advised all to continue abiding by the rules in order to safe their lives and loved ones.

“The last word from the prime minister was that though the regulations have been eased, Basotho should continue observing the conditions given by the government which involve, amongst others, regular sanitising and washing of hands with running water and wearing masks,” he concluded.

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