Businesses looted



MASERU – A handful of Basotho and Chinese-owned businesses were vandalised last night when factory workers embarked on a strike around Ha Thetsane and Ha Tsolo. According to a factory worker who asked not to be identified, the strike started immediately after the minister’s address on national television last night regarding the factory worker’s salary increment appeal.

“Everything started after that speech, the chanting and the destruction of public properties like streets lights, later they started raiding businesses. It was really bad but members of the LMPS and LDF did come to the rescue,” she said.

Speaking to Public Eye online one of the business owners whose business was looted said she has lost almost nine years of hard work and investment. Her business, In Style Homes, has been operating since 2012.

“I have lost so much because of this protest. I do not understand why people who are fighting for a better income would rob me of mine. I did not promise these people anything so it beats me why they would break into my business, steal and destroy my years of hard work,” she said.





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