MCC seizes 71 livestock



MASERU – Maseru City Council (MCC) has seized a total of 71 livestock in a campaign that took place at Bots’abelo village on Friday, June 4, 2021. 

The seized livestock comprise 27 sheep, seven goats, 27 cattle and 10 donkeys. The community in this village has been complaining that livestock owners do not look after the animals properly as they end up in their yards and are often seen even in graveyards in the area.

MCC has held meetings with stakeholders from different wards in an effort to address the issue of grazing lands for livestock and Bots’abelo village have been well represented. 

Despite these meetings MCC has been receiving complaints about the same issue from residents. The council confirmed the complaints and decided to move to seize the livestock in question.

The owners were able to get their livestock back after paying a fine of M150 for each sheep and goat and M300 for cattle. The council is planning to auction one cow whose owner could not afford to pay the fine. 

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