CSOs develop HIV, TB priority charter


Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – The National AIDS Commission (NAC), in collaboration with Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPF) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), has issued a press release that they have developed Lesotho’s CSOs HIV and TB priority charter for adolescents and children. 

The draft of the charter will be tabled today at their stakeholders’ meeting. NAC said the charter will guide the CSOs’ engagement with the government and donors with a view to improving their response towards HIV and TB among adolescents and children in Lesotho. 

NAC further stated that since Lesotho is still behind on meeting HIV and TB targets among adolescents and children, this charter will start an advocacy journey to achieve equality in HIV and TB response in this country. NAC will be leading this development charter. 

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