‘…if not Stunna, I am not collaborating’


A Motimposo’s multi-talented artist’s dream


MASERU – Afro jazz artist, Thuso Nkhema, says he has his eye on the ball, sees himself as a superstar on our TV screens in a few years to come – plans a musical collaboration with no one but the hit-making Ntate Stunna. 

The 22-year-old popularly known as Shabba De Guy, was born and raised at Ha Makhoathi but is currently based in Motimposo, in Maseru. He went to Boqate ACL Primary and High Schools where he completed in 2017 and is now studying graphic design at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

“I am not a rapper, but an artist into afro jazz, but I can actually do almost every genre. I started doing music in 2015 but actually recorded my first song in 2016 titled ‘Let me go’. From there I have been releasing more music, different sounds,” he says.

Shabba has thus far shot two music videos, one is already out while the next drops next month on his birth month. He has had so many performances to date, but that there always has to be that one that matters, this was on May 15 this year at Border Gate Public Bar.

“If I am not collaborating with Ntate Stunna locally I am not collaborating with nobody for now, but perhaps as time goes on this will change and maybe I will hook with some upcoming artists such as Wave Rhyder, Q Real and a few of them. As for an International artist I would love to collaborate with Aubrey Qwana from South African,” he says.

“I have not really encountered many challenges in my music because I love doing everything on my own, working with people you encounter more problems because there are those who rely on other people for their growth or breakthrough…but I have always intended to do everything on my own till I make it to the top.”

He says the only major challenge that he comes across as an upcoming artist has been rejection from radio presenters when he asks for interviews for promotion.

“My main goal for now is the completion of my music video which I am going to release next month, I am looking forward to reach at least 400 000 views. I already have a plan and in the next five years I am seeing myself as a superstar, who will be on your television screens,” he says. 

“I have featured just a few artists and I have a couple of songs but 70 percent of them yet to be released because I have so far only released five. I had a plan, I wanted to release more songs from next month as we will be heading into the festive season…so I am hoping that I will hit the spotlight so that I will be booked,” he says.

“My fans can expect my new ‘Phanda’ music video, I am dropping a song and a video at the same time, I always say see you when I am famous, that is my motto. 

A few years ago, after I started my career, I want to believe I was not doing justice to my career, I was not feeding it enough focus, but since I started putting in more work, the support is really amazing for real,” he says.


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