Lesotho peeved by Israeli observer status at AU



Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Honourable ’Mats’epo Ramakoae said yesterday the granting of African Union (AU) observer status to Israel by the chairperson of the African union commission (AUC) was inappropriate.

Ramakoae said the government of Lesotho rightfully expected the chairperson of the AUC to solicit the views of member States of the AU about the resubmission of the Israeli request for accreditation. 

She added that the Lesotho government is requesting the chairperson of the ACU to rescind this decision in line with the advice of the Legal Counsel in both 2013 and 2015/2016 on the same issue. 

“The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho therefore registers its objection to the decision to grant the State of Israel an Observer Status to the African Union and requests that the matter be rescinded forthwith or be placed on the agenda of the Executive Council in October 2021 during the Mid–Year Coordination Meeting”, Hon Mats’epo Ramakoae said.

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