DC calls for death penalty to deter murderers


Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – The Democratic Congress (DC) has expressed concern over the escalating cases of violent murders and mutilations around the country. 

Commenting on the murders of 10 or more police officers in recent times, DC Secretary General, Ts’itso Cheba, urged the government to tighten the laws against such killings.

“We urge that the death sentence should be looked at and judges should not have the option to choose whether or not they should pass the death sentence. Instead when anyone is convicted of murder they should be given the death sentence straight way,” Cheba said, adding that this would deter potential murderers

Cheba added they hoped that the National Reforms Authority will come up with better laws for investigations to run smoothly so that there is security for witnesses who provide full information without fearing for their lives so that proper sentences can handed.


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