Police update on prominent crimes


Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – Police today gave updates on the following two cases that have hogged national news, namely; the case involving the alleged theft of M50 million by government officials, and the theft of 75 firearms from Mafeteng Police Station and 159 firearms that are unaccounted for by the Lesotho Police Staff Association (LEPOSA).

Speaking at a press conference today, Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) Holomo Molibeli announced that in cooperation with the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offence’s (DCEO), the Financial Intelligence Unit FIU and the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) police managed to arrest 10 people who appeared before the court.

He said police have recovered M41 million so far.

On the stolen firearms, Holomo said police had apprehended five people who were part of the theft, among which three are police officers, while one a civilian Mosotho man and a Chinese. Police have recovered seven firearms out the 75 stolen.

“According to the audit report, 159 guns were not accounted for by LEPOSA and the association did not report this matter to the LMPS commissioner so the LEPOSA president has been arrested to assist with the investigations,” Holomo said.

COMPOL Molibeli stressed that they are concerned about the brutal killings rocking the nation in which guns are used. Police are pleading with the nation to alert them if they get any information about these firearms so that these violent crimes can be stopped.



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