200 post-graduate learners to receive scholarships



MASERU – An estimated 200 individuals pursuing post-graduate courses with the National University of Lesotho are expected to sign contracts for their scholarships at the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) grounds, in Maseru, on Wednesday the January 26.

In his announcement of government’s support to the learners yesterday, the Minister of Social Development and Planning, Selibe Mochoboroane, said government has looked into its education policy and realised it was not prudent to allocate a huge chunk of its financial support to the thousands of undergraduate students while only 30 post-graduates pupils were in their books nationwide.

Mochoboroane further went on to say that in the NUL about 310 post-graduates are self-sponsored as a matter of university policies.

He highlighted the post-graduate degree holders in nation-building efforts, unlike undergraduate learners who are yet to out seeking employment.  

“We have been investing in the wrong way in the higher education sector. We have to be aware that the undergraduate learners we are financing in large numbers are expected to pay 50 percent of their scholarships to be able to continue in their studies. 

But this 50 percent is being sought from the people that do not have money to repay the loans and continue their studies, now what will happen is to prolong the period to repay the money to avoid burdening sponsored learner with the repayment of the money,” the minister continued.




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