FNB donates school shoes countrywide



MASERU –  In an effort to encourage vulnerable students to value and be dedicated to their education, FNB Lesotho is in the process of donating 500 pairs of school shoes to 32 schools countrywide. The school shoes are being distributed to four schools in every district in an initiative which started in January and will be completed by February 2022 with assistance from the Ministry of Education and Training.

To date, FNB Lesotho has been visiting 25 schools beginning January 31 and aims to reach seven more schools by the February 25. FNB Lesotho Head of Marketing and Communications, ’Masakoane Marakabei, said in a press release, adding the initiative came at a time when it was highly needed bringing hope to the impacted students. She said they believe education is key to creating a literate generation, which would also boost the economy of Lesotho.

“Through this initiative we found a way to encourage students to embrace and stay committed to their education. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on well-being, and we believe that it was important to meet them halfway by providing school shoes to these students.

“The rainy season that started end of last year in many rural areas, has discouraged students from attending schools on a daily basis,” reads the press statement.

Marakabei further noted that FNBL believes in giving back and helping the communities where they operate in. She said the increased social challenges due to Covid-19, coupled with the lack of necessary school essentials has discouraged children from attend schools.

She said the initiative has brought hope to students and she believes it will further encourage the communities to value early childhood development (ECD). Marakabei said it is believed that lack of school shoes and school necessities can lead to a high absenteeism rate, affecting the standard of education.

The initiative is part of the FNB Lesotho campaign of being an agent of change and empowering future leaders of this country as the #Changeables, to understand and appreciate that education is a catalyst of change to grow the economy of this country.

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