Masentle Mocheko

MASERU – The Sam Matekane Foundation (SMF) today donated M8 million worth of police uniform at Police Headquarters. Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Paseka Mokete said they received boots and two-piece police uniforms from SMF which will be distributed to 1 000 police officers. Businessman Sam Matekane said SMF is proud to contribute to the improvement of policing by providing new uniform and wishes to show that police are respectable accessible. He said he is impressed to see their good performance on traffic control as a way to help people get to their different jobs and places on time.

However, he expressed concern about the divisions within the police force adding some police officers are now increasingly being influenced by politics which has tarnished the image of their profession that they took the oath in.

“I humbly appeal to you to reconsider your ways and go back to where a police officer was a real helper and a true friend, and also stick to what you vowed to do when you came into this profession, which is to protect the nation,” said Matekane.

Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli thanked Matekane for the generous gift, adding this is not the first time Matekane had assisted the police. He recalled that the businessman had donated police cars for Ha Thetsane, Marakabei and Mants’onyane police stations and had also renovated Ha Thetsane Police Station.

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