‘Matekane, RFP are properly registered’


…party scoffs at rumours as scandalous


The newly formed Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) fronted by business magnate, Sam Matekane, will be one of the parties that will receive their final certificates by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) at a function tomorrow in Maseru.

This puts paid to rival political party claim that RFP was not eligible to contest the coming election because when a political party has an accreditation certificate by IEC it means it has full credentials to contest national and local government elections.

Reports had recently come out alleging Matekane was not registered as a voter in Lesotho and could therefore not form a party or stand to contest at any stage. However, those allegations were scoffed at by the party’s officials who said it was just a political stunt meant to confuse members of the new party. “There is nothing to answer here,” said the party’s communications office spokesperson Mokhethi Shelile, rubbishing the rumours as scandalous.

He said there was no way that their leader could have registered the party without the necessary documents. “As the executive committee of the RFP we all have our registration cards and IEC voter numbers, that is why we are getting our registration certificate tomorrow,” Shelile told Public Eye. On his part, the Public Relations Manager at IEC, Tuoe Hantši said the IEC only works with people who have registered. “There is no way we can engage with someone who is not a registered voter,” he said, further emphasizing that it is a punishable offence for any citizen who has reached the voting age but has not registered.

Since its founding about three months ago, RFP has caused a stir in the politics of the country with major parties suffering a blow as loyal members, including some in the leadership structures, defecting to the new well heeled formation en masse. Many former political heavy weights have accused Matekane and company of manipulating the voters through their wealth and promises that cannot be matched by ordinary parties.

Matekane and many of his business compatriots – many of them rich men and women along with elite technocrats of the country – have also been accused of having abandoned the mainstream political payers who they used to finance in the past campaigns. Meanwhile, the party will be launching its manifesto at Likotsi on Sunday after having criss-crossed the country holding consultative meetings with potential voters on what to include in the party’s programme of action once voted to government.

The party, among others, promises to correct the ills of the past governments and re-establish proper means for the growth and development of the country, while also saying there should be equitable distribution of national resources among all citizens. Apart from attracting wealthy business personalities, the party has also brought to its political ranks the likes of the former Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Retšelisitsoe Matlanyane, former Chief Justice Nthomeng Majara and a wealth of other academia and prominent citizens of the country.

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