Ex-Likatola coach compliments female star



MASERU – Rugby coach, Roy Zhou-Nyasha, is stunned by the outstanding performance of female rugby player ’Mapaseka Rammoko in the South African (SA) Women’s First Division. Rammoko recently scored three tries for the Free State Senior Women’s team, Cheetahs. She scored a try each when the Cheetahs thumped Griffons Women 107-5 and Griquas Women 58-17 in the first division games and another in a Test match against Griffons where the Cheetahs walked away 61-0.

Rammoko and her two Lesotho teammates, Nthabeleng Lebetsa and Mosongoa Monaheng, are at the moment back home after their team failed to progress in the first division games. The Cheetahs lost 24-10 to the South Western Districts (SWD) Eagles in their last match of the group stages a fortnight ago. But despite the Cheetahs’ exit from the games Zhou-Nyasha has lauded Rammoko’s individual performance, saying she put up a good performance throughout the games despite the loss to the Eagles.

Skh’okh’o (as Rammoko is fondly known) performed very well and I think she is even better than some of our male national team props,” said Zhou-Nyasha in an interview with Public Eye. “I think the national team male players can learn a lot from her and Nthabeleng.” Both Rammoko and Lebetsa managed to play regularly for the Cheetahs team in the SA Women’s First Division, unlike their Lesotho teammate, Monaheng, who has only played one Test match against Griffons.

“They proved themselves and were in the starting line-up until the team was knocked out, which means they were very good,” said Zhou-Nyasha. The Lesotho trio made it to the Cheatahs’ 22-woman final squad from a 47-woman provisional team, with Zhou-Nyasha saying it was very difficult for most of the players to make it to the final team. “Out of 47 players our players were able to make it to the top 22, also making the starting line-up. This can only mean they were giving the quality which was required.

“All in all, they played very well, including Monaheng who made it to only one of the games. Unfortunately, there was a lot of competition for her position. “You know; other factors may also have played a part in her sidelining. She had to be very good because the Cheetahs were under pressure to field their players instead of the three Lesotho players. “So I think Skh’okh’o and Lebetsa tried very hard to be able to go against all those odds for selection and made it.”

Monaheng was sidelined despite scoring a try in her debut with Cheetahs in a Test match against the Griffons. Rammoko and her Lesotho teammates were selected to the Cheetahs team after they competed in one of the Free State women’s rugby league with the Lesotho team, Kingdom Select Women, also known as Lesotho Highlands. They were the second group of Lesotho female rugby players to be called up to the Cheetahs squad after Palesa Pitso, Moliehi Mporoane and Mokias Phasumane, all in 2019. But unlike Rammoko, Lebetsa and Monaheng, none of the 2019 players made it to the Cheetahs final squad.

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