Machebeng joins world in UN Day celebration



MASERU – In a quest to stimulate students into learning diplomacy, international relations as well as the workings of the United Nations (UN), the Machabeng College International School of Lesotho on Thursday celebrated the 77th UN Day at an event held at the school’s premises in Maseru. Themed “Families and Urbanization” aims to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable and family friendly urban policies. The United Nations Day 2022 marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. It is the annual commemorative celebration of the creation of the United Nations on the October 2, 1945.

The United Nations Day plays a crucial role in establishing peace between warring nations and promoting the development of democratic institutions.They have provided economic support and helped in social in social development as well as been instrumental in protecting human rights.Machabeng College is an international   school that is committed to providing an internationally recognized pre- university education and access to international curriculum, whilst also being an educational resource   for local community. It seeks to make students internationally minded and globally literate. It also aims to instil critical academic abilities like communications, collaborations, critical thinking, creativity and citizenship developed through Model UN.

The Model UN was celebrated with the series of events and one which includes a model UN debate.The Model UN club’s top priority is to be the driving force of the sustainable development goals in the community of Machabeng College and also to extend their collaboration to the external stakeholders.Addressing those in attendance on behalf of the secretary seneral, Vuyani Tshabalala Monyake of the Rotary Club of Maseru, stressed that the world is facing all-encompassing Covid-19 pandemic – a health crisis, economic disaster and human rights emergency rolled into one unprecedented challenge.

“We also confront a planetary emergency – including accelerating climate change, growing pollution and collapsing biodiversity –threatening the environment which everyone’s future depends,” she said.She added: “We are witnessing an alarming spread of hatred and discrimination”She further portrayed that young people today are spearheading movements for climate action, racial justice gender equality and so much more.Monyake further underlined that the pandemic has created a moment for change, adding that people are connecting online and in the streets, showing the power of collective action.

“Recovery is our chance to shape a better future,” Monyake said.She further indicated that the UN is committed to being an ally as they push to build more sustainable and equitable world for people today and for generations to come.Speaking at the same event Advocate Tiisetso Mafatle expressed gratitude at the event, further encouraging students to have humanity and be accountable to each other and end poverty.

She also mentioned that children’s rights are very close to her heart, further appealing to students to become leaders now not tomorrow and be observant leaders. Moreover, she urged students to be responsible citizens and have a role to play.“Have a voice on the designated areas, not on the grass,” she said.Speaking in a separate interview with Public eye on Thursday this week the acting   Headmaster at Machabeng, James Kamau told this paper that they celebrate this day in order to embrace everyone`s culture at school since they have international students.

Kamau further revealed that this day was organised and run by teachers some years back but this year, this celebration was organized by students.This he said as he portrayed that this promotes unity among students, further adding that it encourages students to become leaders.The United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24 every year . It marks the official establishment of the United Nations IN 1945 .

On this day , the UN charter was ratified by the majority of signatories , including the five permanent members of the security Council, and this led to the official establishment of UN.The Day was first celebrated in 1948. The UN , in 1971 also recommended the member states to observe it as a public holiday.





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