Maseru – Rising home-grown retailer, Enrich Stores, is facing financial difficulties because of alleged bad behaviour by some members of the board of directors, worsened by pilferage among some of its employees. 

Insiders allege that the board that was chosen is working hard to bring the company down because of bad financial decisions. But Enrich Stores’ managing director, Thabang Nthako, dismissed alleged problems as just rumours aimed at causing confusion to investors and customers. He assured customers and investors that there was really nothing to worry about since they had everything under control as management. He added that most of these rumours are spread by disgruntled former employees, and these should not be allowed to cause any confusion. 

Nthako concluded that even though they were affected by the Russian and Ukraine war that caused their prices to fluctuate, Enrich Stores has managed to continue running smoothly, and they are also expecting more stock from their suppliers. 

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