LSRC employees seek legal action over revoked bonuses


…as board member takes a swipe at the leadership, accusing it of being unyielding

Nthako Majoro

MASERU – The Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) is facing legal challenges as its employees express discontent over the decision to revoke their 13th-month bonuses. Mofihli Makoele, a programmes manager at the Sports Commission, confirmed the employees’ stance, revealing that their lawyer has already initiated legal proceedings against the LSRC.

“We have received a letter notifying us about the decision to revoke the 13th cheque, and we strongly oppose it,” said Makoele. “Our lawyer has taken the matter to court.” A board member, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged the employees’ action, expressing empathy and attributing the issue to what they perceive as stubborn leadership.

“The employees have the right. I believe in democracy. I feel for them because I am also an employee myself, and I know how it feels,” stated the board member, blaming the current leadership for being unyielding.

The decision to revoke the 13th cheque was communicated to employees late last year by LSRC Chief Executive Officer Thabo Tsiki.  The official letter, dated November 6, 2023, cited financial constraints as the reason for reshaping the benefits provided to staff. The letter stated: “In particular, the 13th cheque will no longer be payable to you as stipulated in your employment contracts.”

It clarified that the decision would not apply retrospectively, assuring employees that they would receive the 13th cheque at the end of December 2023 but not in subsequent years. “Please note that this decision does not apply retrospectively. You will receive the 13th cheque at the end of December 2023. You will not going to receive them in 2024 going forward.”

Despite efforts to obtain comments from LSRC Public Relations Officers Jobo Pulumo and Thabo Tsiki, neither responded to inquiries, with promises to address the matter later left unfulfilled. The legal battle between LSRC and its employees unfolds amid concerns about the leadership’s alleged stubbornness, setting the stage for a challenging resolution.

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