Letseng Diamonds gifts water, sanitation projects



MOKHOTLONG – In a demonstration of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and investment (CSRI), Letšeng Diamonds presented water and sanitation projects to residents of Ha Moroke on Thursday this week. Letšeng has constructed 50 toilets in Ha Moroke, 21 toilets in Ha Seema, and an additional four in Maloraneng, totaling 75 toilets. These facilities were finalised towards the end of 2023 and officially handed over this week. In addition to sanitation, the mine has also addressed water access, aligning its standards with those of rural water supply initiatives. Chomei Letata, representing the Rural Water Supply Project, expressed gratitude to Letšeng for its support, recognising the limitations of his office in achieving certain developmental goals, particularly regarding water access.

He commended the mine for its multifaceted assistance to the community. The Director of Operations at Letšeng Diamonds, Gideon Scheepers, emphasised the importance of fostering strong community relations, underscoring the mutual prosperity shared between the mine and the surrounding communities. He reiterated the commitment to ongoing support, including road maintenance and job creation initiatives.

Councillor ’Manthethe Ntsiki of Mphokojoane extended appreciation to Letšeng for its contributions to community development, highlighting the tangible impact on infrastructure and governance. She praised the mine’s proactive approach to fulfilling promises and encouraged further collaboration, suggesting potential projects such as farming initiatives. Councillor ’Mapakalitha Selia of Pae Lea Itlhatsoa also acknowledged Letšeng’s assistance, citing the provision of water to the Patising community and employment opportunities during borehole construction.

She echoed the call for continued support and proposed agricultural projects to mitigate environmental challenges. The Mokhotlong District Administrator, Kepa Keqe, commended the mine for its transformative initiatives, including livestock breeding and infrastructure development. He encouraged community members to initiate projects and seek collaboration, citing Letšeng’s investment in storage facilities and the potential for future agricultural ventures. Letšeng Diamonds continues to demonstrate its commitment to community development through sustainable initiatives and collaborative efforts, ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders involved.

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