Vodacom implements Consumer Protection Code


MASERU – Vodacom Lesotho has restated its dedication to empowering customers and protecting their rights through the implementation of the Vodacom Lesotho Consumer Protection Code.

The recently launched code ensures service accessibility, freedom of choice, transparent agreements, accurate billing, consumer education, privacy protection, fair treatment, prevention of market abuse, and an efficient grievance resolution process. Vodacom Lesotho Consumer Protection Code is a commitment not just a compliance requirement.

Vodacom adheres to a set standard of accountability, collaborating closely with customers to deliver innovative solutions, products, and services tailored to their needs. The company prioritises providing a positive customer experience, offering a complaints handling procedure for any issues that may arise.

Furthermore, Vodacom demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding customer privacy by implementing measures to protect confidential information and communication. This dedication to customer satisfaction and data security underscores Vodacom’s commitment to excellence in service delivery.

Chief executive officer of Vodacom Lesotho, Mohale Ralebitso, explained that the company decided to introduce the Code of Conduct based on their tagline of “going further together.”

He said the tagline means that the company and its customers are on a journey together, and customer satisfaction is essential for this journey to progress positively. Ralebitso emphasized that exceeding customer expectations is their goal, not just satisfying them.

He further highlighted the company’s commitment to quality service and ensuring customer delight, going beyond minimum regulatory requirements set by the Lesotho Communication Authority.

“We do not just want to make our customers happy, we want to exceed their expectations,” he said.

“Besides the Lesotho Communication Authority (LCA) having minimum requirements that we have to use, Vodacom Lesotho has noted that we have a responsibility to delight our customers,” Ralebitso said.

He also indicated that the default standards of service in Lesotho should increase so that whoever comes into the country remembers that Basotho are conscious when it comes to tourists, customers, and each other.

Speaking at the same event, the executive head of external and regulatory affairs of Vodacom Lesotho, Tṥepo Ntaopane, expressed a strong commitment to consumer rights and a positive customer experience through the implementation of the code.

He said this underscores Vodacom Lesotho’s promise of ensuring that every interaction with its services is marked by integrity, transparency, and respect among all people who engage with it.

“With this Code, customers can expect transparent and fair dealings with Vodacom Lesotho, as the company is dedicated to ensuring that their rights are protected at all times,” he said.

On her part, the manager regulatory affairs at Vodacom Lesotho, Mpoi Nkhasi, highlighted that the Vodacom Lesotho Code serves as a code of conduct aimed at safeguarding consumer rights.

Nkhasi explained that these regulations were formulated in 2022 and that the code aligns with the LCA Administration Rules of 2016, which mandates compliance with regulations and guidelines pertaining to consumer protection.

“The guidelines and code of conduct at Vodacom Lesotho are binding commitments to protect consumer rights to the fullest extent possible. Through the development of the code of conduct, Vodacom Lesotho aims to transparently illustrate to consumers how each of their rights is safeguarded by the company.”