Youth trio adds to ‘fresh entertainment’



MASERU – The Link, a team formed by three young men; Motšoane Nkole, Reabetsoe Tjaoane and Katleho Mafatle, hosted a roof top brunch party for early working class people to mingle, have good music, and food in a relaxed environment at the Pins N Stripes at Lower Thetsane, South of Maseru last Sunday.

The event which added to an endless list of fun events in local entertainment brought rather fresh perspective to the long non-changing entertainment scene.

In an interview with Public Eye the Link managers disclosed that they hosted their first event on December 23, 2018 at a local hotel which they had themed Pool Party.

“Our primary aim is to create vibes where everyone feels welcome, is able to unwind and above all be able to let their guard down effortlessly. For instance ladies with cellulite skin who are often uncomfortable being in bikinis in public, especially around males, were quite amazed at how non-judgmental the attendees were. These ladies were shocked to realize that being in bikinis and not feeling like you were prey around the opposite sex is actually possible,” Nkole said.

“You know how there are a lot of people who love going out but can’t because there never seems to be an event catering for their preference and when they attend any event they are prejudiced. So one time we were chilling with the guys and wandered to ourselves ‘how many people out there prefer this sort of hangout?’ Then we decided to cater for such people.

“One more thing that we are big on is breaking standards – at our events there is no general attendee, VIP or VVIP. Everyone gets the same feel and is treated as equally important – attending the event means they are by default all VIP’s and equal in important,” Nkole added.

He further mentioned that over the past weekend, March 9, The Link hosted a brunch party which was designed to allow people to mingle and network carefree.

Tjaoane said people can expect a totally different scene on their next event because The Link is exploring and looking to cater for everyone.

“I have been to several events myself and I know how bothersome it is to find oneself in a position where instead of enjoying the moment one feels crowded and ends up feeling uncomfortable because of uncontrolled crowds. This is why tickets to our very event will always be limited because we want to accommodate manageable crowds to allow people to have fun and enjoy their space without feeling compromised,” Tjaoane said.

“Yes we may be looking to make profits eventually, but quite frankly, for now that is not our main priority. What we are striving for at the moment is giving the people value,” he added.

Tjaoane said it is important for everyone to understand that the time of events they host are for everyone because some people shy away labelling them as ‘cool kids’ type of vibes.

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